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We like to have fun. With everything. Even in the creation of the Forge of Honor video.



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Targimals, swords & shields spotted all over the world!

Early Forge of Honor fans are spreading the word about the Targimals and we’re seeing a rise in the number of heroes in training. Reports tell us Targimals are popping up around the world from California to New York and Australia to Germany, from babies to tweens, aunties and grandparents! We are thrilled that children…

Making product tags as fun as our toys — plus a special twist!

The idea for our unique product tags for the toys sprung from a promise to our Kickstarter supporters. At the lowest pledge level, supporters would receive a public thank you on our site  and a door hanger that says “Monsters Beware: Room guarded by Forge of Honor.” Apropo, oui? In the process of developing the product…

Check out design details that make Forge of Honor toys unique

The Targimals began appearing in Colorado when a little girl had trouble going to sleep at night. She cried for help and they heard her call. And those of other children. Today, these fully trained, pint-sized warriors are back! Targimals have pledged to help our children grow in courage, honor and adventure. Their story (once creator Dale…

Tools for young heroes:

A limited number of Forge of Honor toys are for sale at our Square store.A limited number of Forge of Honor toys are available at our online store, hosted by Square. 


Latest from Forge of Honor scribes:

What’s a Dratteryn?

Two character sketches of the bad guys. They are similar to dragons, but a little more devious. Stay tuned for more about the upcoming children’s book.