The Story of the Targimals

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The Story

Ricasso says Hello!

Once Upon A Time…


There was a little girl who hated to sleep in her big girl bed alone. So every night, her little feet pitter-pattered right into her parents’ room. She blamed monsters. The loud, scary ones that only appeared at night when no grownup was around. One lived in that big, old ceiling lamp above her bed with its creepy eye staring down at her. So, her daddy changed the light. She slept in her own bed for a night or two and then pit-pattered it back to her parents’ bed. Her daddy introduced her to Hubba Bubba, an enormous stuffed teddy bear twice the size of his little cutie. Again, pitter patter.

Then one evening, a precocious furry creature named Ricasso befriended her. He promised to watch over her while she slept because he was not afraid of monsters at all. In fact, he and his whole Targimal tribe were known in their land for stuffed shield and plush sword for extra comfort. But best of all, Ricasso was full of stories about adventures in Targimal Land and always ready to entertain the little girl until she fell asleep. In her own bed. For as the saying goes,

A hero at play keeps the monsters at bay.”

Stay tuned for more Targimal Tales from Forge of Honor! Meet Ricasso’s friends (below from left to right) Aventail, Sugarloaf, Poing, Quillon and Tang.

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Aventail the Targimal


Sugarloaf the Targimal

Ricasso the Targimal




Poing the Targimal


Quillon the Targimal


Tang the Targimal



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