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Have a birthday coming up?

Join Forge of Honor's Birthday Club and get a free card mailed on your birthday!

Sign up for our Fan Club and get a free Birthday Card mailed to your child!

Let the Targimals wish your child Happy Birthday

The Targimals want to help you or your child (or niece or nephew or granddaughter or grandson… you get the gist) celebrate your Birthday!

We will snail-mail (do you remember what that means?) you a birthday card to arrive around the big day.

The catch? Just join our fan club below and make sure you fill out the birthday information and mailing address*.

Are you already a member of the fan club but haven’t signed up for a birthday card? Fill out your email address and hit “subscribe.” You will be emailed a link to update your preferences on your personalized page.

Please limit requests to one mailing address per signup (multiple kids per household is absolutely okay). If you wish to sign up your neighbor’s kids, your child’s schoolmates or other children, then by all means, share this with their parents so they can sign up their kid!

Sign up* for Forge of Honor’s fan club and free birthday card

*This also signs you up for Forge of Honor’s Fan Club periodic newsletter.
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We’re looking for fans to help with the FoH book

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PLEASE NOTE: We reserve the right to mail or not mail the free birthday card. We just want to verify that requests come from actual people — no matter where you live! If we have a question about veracity, we will contact you separately.



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