Aventail, the TargimalHello dahlings. I’m Aventail.

I don’t speak French but I admire the accent. It makes me sound like a spy! And that is one of my great skills.

But really, I love to play around and have fun. Really I do, even though my friends say I’m a worrywart and overly organized.  You’ve got to really plan things out to be a successful spy!

For fun, I love playing hide-and-go-seek. (The best place to hide are pillow cases. But don’t tell anyone!) My soft toes make it so easy to sneak around and play tricks on friends or scare monsters (hee hee). Sometimes I’m even sneaking around in plain sight and nobody sees me!

This is an excellent feature when it comes to protecting children from monsters. Monsters never figure out I’m near until it’s too late for them. I’ve learned how to let out an inaudible shriek that can only be heard by trans-dimensional monsters. It hurts their ears and renders them helpless. I then lead them far, far away. They usually need a day or two to recover. By then, they’ve forgotten how to return to  the house. That’s how I am able to protect children at night without waking anyone else up in the house, even the dog!


More about Aventail:

Aventail, the TargimalCreature mix: Otter and bobcat

Symbol: Water

Favorite color: Ninja black

Favorite activity: Loves walking the balance beam. (“But not too high!”)

Training & education: Degrees in Ninja Stealth and Audiology. Top honors at the International Spy School.

Practical skills: Swims like a fish

Favorite hobby: Watching scary movies, hiding in soft pillowcases and practicing Tai Chi (“It helps my balance — inside and out!”)

Favorite foods: Fish, snails, Goldfish crackers and strawberries

Dislikes: Milk. (“I’m lactose intolerant.”)