Hi, I’m Patterrann.Patterrann

And I’m the newest member of the modern-day Targimals.

If you know my brothers and sisters, I may look familiar. As you may know, Targimals are unique creature mixes. But in some mysterious mashup, twins were born. Sugarloaf is my twin. We’re just different colors, obviously. I left my lab to join my twin when I heard that more children were having problems fending off monsters. I immediately volunteered to help.

My expertise is finding patterns. I really enjoy studying the details to see if they are telling me something. There’s even a pattern in my name. Can you figure it out?

I also use patterns to explore and create art. Actually, I love all art projects. Some call me an artiste! I love hoof painting, mud sculpting and charcoal sketching.  Especially mud! Because sometimes mud leads to mud fights!! I love getting messy. And dancing! There’s patterns in every movement.


patterrann_3110_2More about Patterann

Creature mix: Unicorn, pegasus and dolphin

Symbol: Water

Favorite color: Rainbow (“I love all colors!”)

Training & education: Studied “Object Sequencing” and “Fine Arts,” with an emphasis in painting at Kikstratre U

Practical skills: Can spot patterns in the dark

Favorite hobby: Tap dancing and kickstarting projects by looking for patterns

Favorite foods: Beets, sweet potatoes, most root vegetables

Dislikes: Alfalfa sprouts