Poing, the TargimalSo excited to meet you! Call me Poing!

It rhymes with boing, as in boy-yoyoyoyo-yoing! My friends think I eat sugar all day because I’m so hyper, but  really I don’t! I actually don’t like my foods too sweet. I prefer savory. Like burgers and pizza.

I love scaring away monsters. But the best part of my life is playing with all my new friends. Some call me a crowd pleaser, but I just like to have fun with my buddies. And I love coming up with new games, like shield surfing. That’s when you climb on top of the Bordor Shield and get a friend to heave you across a wooden floor. Whoosh! It’s so rad! You should try it. But don’t tell your parents I said so.

My Targimal pals all look to me for a different perspective. Maybe because my ears are so big and my nose is so long, I sense things differently. I’m not the sneakiest Targimal. I’m a bit clumsy. It’s those darn big feet. But I can always spot the bright side. Big feet are great for making giant holes in the ground to play “Connect The Rocks.” (Yup, another game I made up.)

~ Poing

More about Poing:


Shield surfing with Poing!

Creature mix: Elephant and capybara (a large and highly social rodent)

Symbol: Earth

Favorite color: Green. (“All types of green too, including lime green, booger green and puke green. Boogers, heh, heh. I really like that word.”)

Favorite activity: Inventing new games. (“I’m very clumsy so I’ve got to use my brain to get ahead.”)

Training & education: Degrees in Advanced Battalion Management and PE

Practical skills:  Hauling stuff. Friends always ask for his help when moving to a new place.

Favorite hobby:  Brainstorming with friends on new games. (“I love inventing new games, but it’s so much more fun to toss ideas with friends.”)

Favorite foods: Burgers, pizza, dumplings.

Dislikes: Hmmm…. Not a picky eater.