quillon358Greetings! My name is Quillon.

I keep the Targimals in order.

Gotcha! Ha ha! My guidance counselor said that I’m a natural leader but I need to  focus. I’d rather play pranks on my friends. But oddly, I am very organized — I guess that’s the chipmunk in me. Did you know chipmunks store food underground in burrows up to 3.5 meters long? Obviously, you’ve got to keep that clean and organized if you want to eat during the winter.

My friends call me a chatterbox because they say I can’t stop talking. I just have so much to share. But you know, I’m a very complicated Targimal if you think about it. I’m part chipmunk and part falcon. Did you know falcons eat chipmunks? They even eat bats, which are known to eat chipmunks!  My falcon side just makes me extra courageous and extra fierce. You wouldn’t know me in battle. Mostly, it’s because I’m silent. Imagine that!

But really, I love pulling pranks on the other Targimals, especially Ricasso because he can get so grumpy!  He needs to lighten up! Like the time I loosened the lid of the salt shaker right before he salted his fancy pasta dish. Whomp! More like fancy salty dish!

I figure that I can use my cheeky (har, har) nature when it comes to fighting monsters. I enjoy dreaming up complicated battle plans to trick those monsters into hysterical submission. And I must say, most of my plans work. Just ask the gang!

~ Quillon

More about Quillon

quillon340Creature Mix: Chipmunk and falcon

Symbol: Air

Favorite activity: Sneaking up on monsters

Technical training: Studied “Strategic Planning” and “Flight Training,” with a minor in improv

Practical skills: Can stay up all night for several days

Other “skills”: Can stuff a week’s worth of food in cheeks

Favorite foods: Worms, nuts, berries and enchiladas

Dislikes: Overly salted pasta