Hi kids! I’m honored to meet you.

Please call me Ricasso, not Ricky or Rich or Picasso. And yes, I’ve got pink and purple fur but I’m NOT A GIRL! I don’t mean to be grumpy but some people think that because I’m the eldest Targimal, I’m automatically a curmudgeon. Stereotypes!

I’m the original Targimal, the first to appear to modern-day humans. I’m here to protect children from monsters. But my main goal is to train children to conquer their nightly fears so that one day I will be able to sleep at night and snuggle close.

Targimals are always a mix of creatures. We couldn’t pick just one animal to be, so in exchange for the ability to become a blend of animals, we pledged our lives to protecting children from monsters. Someday I’ll tell you the complete legend of the Targimals.

More about Ricasso:

Early Ricasso spotting

Creature Mix: Flying squirrel and sly raccoon

Symbol: Air (“I’m a flying squirrel.”)

Favorite activity: Climbing. Can often be found  napping on top of bookshelves and cabinets. Useful when it comes to housekeeping in hard-to-reach areas because fluffy tail acts as a dust rag.

Favorite color: Purple (“It’s the color of royalty!”)

Technical training: Degrees in ninja stealth and trans-dimensional-monster history

Practical skills: Very good at spying and sneaking up on others. Especially talented when it comes to sneaking food without making noise. (“I guess that’s the raccoon in me.”)

Favorite foods: Olives, blue cheese, rare meat and a fresh arugula salad with vine-ripened plum tomatoes mixed with a light vinaigrette.  Often teased by the group as being a “snooty foodie.” Supports the Local Food movement.  But will eat anything when hungry. Has been spotted chowing down on an uncooked hot dog drowned in ketchup.

Dislikes: Frozen peas. “Too mushy. Ick. No kid should be forced to eat them.”