Sugarloaf TargimalHi sweetie! My name is Sugarloaf.

You’d think I got my name from my well-known love of sweet treats. But no. I’m named after the Medieval helmet, featuring a conical cap. I guess I also have a thick head!

I’m 100 percent girl —  warrior girl, that is! My unicorn horn is just my backup tool. I use my smarts to outwit dimwitted monsters. One night, I was keeping watch over my wee friend, who likes to also sleep with her nightlight on. I suddenly smelled a monster approaching. I quickly used the light to turn myself into a humongous shadow creature. And the monster whimpered away, without even entering the room. Bet you didn’t know monsters get scared too!

But most nights, not much happens so I get to snuggle close with my buddy. And during the day — oh what fun we have! Sometimes, she’ll even let me have the first lick of frosting off a cupcake. I love my life!

~ Sugarloaf, xoxox

More about Sugarloaf


Creature mix: Unicorn, Pegasus, dolphin

Symbol: Water

Favorite color: Shiny

Favorite activity: Swimming at the beach (“It psyches people out because they think I’m a land creature.”). Also loves beach volleyball but no one likes to play with her because she always punctures the ball.

Training & education: Honor student at Ace Flight School. Majored in “Monster Mastery” with a minor in “French Pastries.”

Practical skills: With the ability to swim, fly and trot, she excels at pretty much everything. But with all that energy expenditure, she naps daily.

Favorite hobby:  Collecting leaves, twigs, funny-shaped rocks. And stickers!

Favorite foods: Birthday cake frosting, candy (except Black licorice), sweet potatoes. Almost anything sweet. (She’s likely responsible for the piles of candy parents keep finding hidden in their child’s room.)

Dislikes: Desserts made from vegetables. (“Carrot cake? What is this — dinner or dessert? Make up your mind!”)