tang289Yo kids! I’m Tang the Targimal.

I’m always ready to fight monsters. I keep my claws sharpened, my teeth free of debris and my shield ready for action. I sleep with one eye open.

While I’m proud to be the fiercest Targimal (I was honored for the past three years by the local Forge of Honor Volunteers Society for “Fiercest Smile”), I admit that I’m a big softie. I love playing around with all the little kids and future warriors. Plus, they have the furriest, softest socks! And I only take one at a time — I’m not greedy! But sometimes I forget where I hid the socks. That’s why I’m always searching for more. Oh, you ask, what do I do with all the socks I find? Snuggle! And yes, I know the answer to your next question: I love smelly things. The stinkier the sock, the better!

When I’m not fighting monsters or snuggling, I like to be moving. I love playing all sports, even ping-pong. Running back and forth to paddle the little white ball is great exercise. I guess that’s why taking mini naps in piles of socks throughout the day is so appealing.

~ Tang


More about Tang

tang279Creature mix: Gila monster and guinea pig

Symbol: Fire

Favorite color: Red

Training & education: Studied “Advanced Monster Tracking” and “Trans-Dimensional Chemistry.” Teaches classes on fire safety.

Practical skills: Breathes fire

Favorite game: Hot potato

Favorite hobby: Watching the dryer warm up socks

Favorite foods: Apples, pomegranates, cherries, anything red

Dislikes: Red meat (“I’m a vegetarian!”)